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Defeating Defeating Disease Disease

The Proteovant mission

The power of protein degradation is now being realized. By harnessing the human body’s innate cellular machinery to ‘delete’ proteins, we are creating new medicines to treat patients with life-altering, debilitating diseases. Our team is pursuing this expansive field with the deep scientific knowledge, proprietary technologies, business acumen and risk tolerance required to succeed.

Targeting the ‘undruggable’ – and more

We are unlocking the potential of this burgeoning field of science to create more effective, better-targeted medicines. Disease-causing proteins once deemed ‘undruggable’ may now be within reach, and we can now pursue a much larger percentage of the proteome. How? Through our target selection capabilities, protein degrader design expertise, drug development knowledge and machine learning technologies.

  • Bifunctional degraders

  • Molecular glues

We are protein degraders

At Proteovant, this means being science-driven, ambitious, collaborative, analytical, resourceful and decisive – all at the same time. Are you passionate about uncovering new, previously inaccessible drug targets and delivering next-generation medicines to patients? Then you’ve come to the right spot.